The Span is an evening-length installation dance work choreographed by Brendan Duggan and Mallory Rosenthal (LoudHoundMovement).  Inspired by the surrealist photography of Kyle Thompson and Sumyko.  Each photographer works with intimate portraiture in a natural landscape, exploring a range of style from surrealist fantasy (Thompson) to collage and substitution (Sumyko). While both collections explore the human body in relationship with nature, the divergent quality of these relationships holds the potential for an evocative contrast. In order to bring this vivid imagery to life, LoudHoundMovement closely collaborated with composers Gabriel Medina, Hannah Epperson, and projection artist Carmen Osterlye to produce a harmonic environment of abstract movement, sound, and interactive projection.

Choreographed by Co-Artistic Directors Brendan Duggan and Mallory Rosenthal, the work uses six dancers to focus on the concept of a journey captured in a single moment. The piece is designed to use modern movement vocabulary, improvisational structures, and poignant theatrical elements to display the path of an everyman character. Through repetition and changes in perspective and direction, the value of the journey is revealed. Instead of concentrating on the end point, the choreography illustrates the importance of the beaten path left behind and the weight of one's choices on their environment.

Ms. Osterlye's projection work explores the relationship between motion and perception, often projecting onto non-traditional canvases to convey a specific motivation. In this case, her work projects on hundreds on hanging strips of tape, allowing for a natural abstraction as the tape is affected by the moving bodies in the space and the wind they generate.  Through projection mapping, the images also identify specific shapes within the space, allowing the set to breathe and become a living sculpture. With these tools in hand, the work can transcend the traditional boundaries of live performance, allowing for complete control of scale, speed, and audience perspective.

Utilizing this dynamic video work and thematic, yet distinct musical composition from one section to the next, different directions of the path will be highlighted. These range from the grandiose, to the pedestrian, to an abstract representation of the natural environment itself.


A LoudHoundMovement Production

Hannah Epperson - Music Composition

Gabe Medina - Music Composition

Jake Saner - Cinematography

Carmen Osterlye - Visual Design and Projection

Nicole Gross - Stage Management and Lighting Design